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GSoc Sahana GIS module

  • Sahana GIS Module.
  • These are the main three front ends.
  • 1) user_Feeds_manipulate= shows the user logged in and his access to feeds/adding/deleting feeds to the system. (Tab comes under Situation

situation mapping->Manage Data

2) data_format_Convert=coverts the data currently in the local machine to
the desired data format. They can be uploaded after that.(comes under
Situation mapping->Format Conversion)

data formats

3) Admin_manage_Groups=this page is for the Administrator only.He can view
all the feeds data available .He can add /delete any feed and can Organize
the services and feed.(Situation mapping->Manage Data).
Adding deleting feeds will be restricted to normal users. They can not access
this page.And all the feeds will not be accessible to them even in the
first page(user_Feeds_manipulate).

User feed manupulate


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