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Gsoc project

My Summer of Code Proposal abstract ,I have made public.Hope its not againts the ethics of Google.
But as they have stated i have not made the detailed description public.Hope this will make some sence

My Interests:Geographical Mapping,Map Manipulation and Data visualization.

*GPS technologies+Navigation systems.
*Road Navigators+PDA navigation(TomTom One/TomTom PLUS services-
*Mapping/GPS Receivers
Google Code – Summer of Code – ApplicationTOMATIC Routing.

Rough work Break-Down.

Month 1 (Starting From April 7th as with the student application Deadlines ) :-

Week 1/    Week2:– Requirements gathering , understanding the OSGeo domain also the OpenLayers workings withing OSGeo.
OpenLayer simple implementations will be practiced with practice examples.
These will be implemented by OpenLayers 2.5

Week 3/    Week4:– Use GIS software to input data files and manipulate that data to my requirement. Manipulate layers/points and get the data out as a learning experience.
Extensive work will be done with Java Script library.

•    Month 2:-
Week 1/    Week2:– Admin module design/manage feeds and WMS services.

Week 3/    Week4:- module -organize feeds/services into functional groups.

Month 3:-
Week 1/    Week2:- will make a thorough check of the functions fix any bugs present and release the Module on 20th July.

Week 3/    Week4:- Bug fixing /Developer guide.

Some of the points may be not required for Openlayers current module.I like to know what was the work progress done with Gsoc2007 and other projects around Openlayers to streamline the deliverables.


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