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State Pattern

September 9, 2009

State Patterns-Pattern which shows the states it can remain in a machine.Best example to be taken is the Gumball machine example as stated. The gumball machine has 4 states; 1 Has quarter 2 No quarter 3 Put quarter 4 Machine full These 4 states has to be manipulated in series. The implementation code is given […]

Singleton Pattern

July 22, 2008

The singleton pattern is done to get the Object open for one instance only.There the object is made in static method inside the class. Classes objects participating in the pattern as members. Load Balancer is a member in the pattern usage: * defines an Instance operation that lets clients access its unique instance. Instance is […]

Observer Pattern/Visitor Pattern

July 15, 2008

Pattern as given in the pattern recongniztion- Pattern recogniztion is done with the given observer. Observer Pattern is specified to communication between layers given in the observer. Observer pattern is specified with the Visitor inside the pattern specified. Observer Pattern components participants The classes and/or objects participating in this pattern are: Subject (Stock) knows its […]

Composite Pattern

July 8, 2008

Composite Pattern-  A tree structure of simple and composite objects Is concerned about the Tree structure behavior. A normal tree consists of  nodes and leafs. Leaf doesnot have a follwing node following it. Node have a following node below it. Compose objects into tree structures to represent part-whole hierarchies. Composite lets clients treat individual objects […]

State Pattern

July 7, 2008

State Pattern was discussed in detail. The example was discussed was regarding the telephone Booth. The State pattern allows an object to change its behavior when its internal state changes. This pattern can be observed in a vending machine. Vending machines have states based on the inventory, amount of currency deposited, the ability to make […]

Gsoc project

April 21, 2008

My Summer of Code Proposal abstract ,I have made public.Hope its not againts the ethics of Google. But as they have stated i have not made the detailed description public.Hope this will make some sence My Interests:Geographical Mapping,Map Manipulation and Data visualization. *GPS technologies+Navigation systems. *Road Navigators+PDA navigation(TomTom One/TomTom PLUS services- *Mapping/GPS Receivers *AU Google […]

GIS conference attended

April 21, 2008

It was a great experience attending an international conference as a Bsc Student from Sri Lanaka. I did not think this chance would break through,but it did somehow. Though it was little hard all alone there ,it was a great expossure in to the work going on in the GIS field…..

After a long slumber

November 11, 2007

I was totally away from my own blog and it surely has not help things at all..SO from now on i am determined to update things as it happens.. Good to start off things with a new note(bury the flaming and get on with it 😦 ) I can talk about my new iPod nano […]


July 13, 2007

IRC is a wicked cool way to chat with the community.After using gmail chat-converssion was not all that hard.Just had to login and follow the rules and etiquote,.. Can login to any IRC with using >Gaim also. Have to put the hash and org name and u ll get in…….. Some of my favourite IRC’s […]

GSoc Sahana GIS module

July 11, 2007

Sahana GIS Module. These are the main three front ends. 1) user_Feeds_manipulate= shows the user logged in and his access to feeds/adding/deleting feeds to the system. (Tab comes under Situation mapping->User/Roles) 2) data_format_Convert=coverts the data currently in the local machine to the desired data format. They can be uploaded after that.(comes under Situation mapping->Format Conversion) […]